Sheffield City Council runs a very successful citywide ‘Made in Sheffield’ Young Ambassadors programme with 45 young computer science ambassadors – many of them girls.

‘Made in Sheffield’ is one of the world’s great brands. It’s known internationally as a mark of quality for manufactured goods. And that’s the point – Sheffield is renowned for making things but now manufacturing is a world apart from the big black steel mills of yesteryear – it’s increasingly about making a digital world. So Sheffield has re-invented its manufacturing around technology and is exploring a whole range of new digital manufacturing opportunities linked to entrepreneurship.

That’s why the Young Ambassador programme is working with the University of Sheffield Computer Science Department and a number of IT and digital industries employers.

“I’m a big fan of the Sheffield-based Computer Science Young Ambassador scheme. It’s a great collaboration between schools, industry, the city council and the universities which serves as a model to replicate elsewhere.
In brief, it enthuses secondary school student Ambassadors in Computing using university and Raspberry-Pi-based projects; then it enables the Ambassadors to share their hands-on skills, enthusiasm and inquisitive creativity with the next wave of talent in local primaries.”
Alan Mycroft, University of Cambridge and Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Building on this programme, the Make Learn Share project will use funding from NESTA to train 135 young ambassadors in digital making activities such as coding, robotics, 3D printing and app design. Young ambassadors will then deliver four technology workshops with their local primary schools engaging over 1000 young people.

See more at: http://www.nesta.org.uk/blog/digital-makers-fund-7-projects-receive-funding#sthash.gLGpu5K3.dpuf