Annija ‘Digital Maker’


We invited Annija to tell us about her involvement in digital making. Here’s what she said…

Q. What first got you interested in computing?

Well to be honest, I have been interested in computing since the first time I saw a computer, everything that was electronic always seemed to interest me, made me wonder how it’s been made, what’s so unique about it, etc. So from that, I just wanted to try and get involved in as much computing as I can.

Q.What websites do you use to further your interest in computing?

I play computer based games
I use editing websites, to give me ideas

Q.What would you say to a younger person to get them excited about digital making?

When you edit, it’s a time where you get to be creative, test your skills. It’s fun and at the end, you get to see your amazing work and become proud of something that you made yourself. It may be hard but it is definitely worth it, people get so much credit for digital making, you can even make a job out of it and earn money. Most images now a days are digitally made, posters that you have on your wall was edited, your wallpaper on your computer or phone is most likely digitally made. Most pictures in the whole world are edited, even a simple filter to your picture is an edit. You may not realize that but it is.