Our First App Session

On Friday 8th of November, we went to our first session at the University of Sheffield. A talk by Professor Guy Brown explained that the focus of the session was to work with Apple Macs to create an app for the iPhone. We were tasked with designing a new app using a storyboard and then creating the first stages of graphic design.

Our idea was developed from a dressing-up game. We then decided that the app could be more useful than a game, and came up with “The Dressing Room” which is a web based shopping tool. This essentially is used to try on clothes, shoes and accessories virtually from your favourite shops.

I have really enjoyed working at the University so far; it is such a great experience for me and it is really interesting. Here, I have access to many Apple products, and I have a chance to try out the new software and programs they include. I feel that it will also inspire me to work in teams better and develop skills such as design and programing. This course presents many opportunities for me, learning new skills, visits and meeting employers and university staff. I can’t wait for the next session!

Rachel Brunt
Westfield School