James on ‘Small Basic, Unity & Game Maker’

Q. What or who first got you interested in computing?

In ICT we we’re using a program called Small Basic and I loved using it to make our death calculator, so I decided to download it at home. It is completely free of charge and is a great way to get started with a simple and easy computing program. Then in ICT we started to use Game Maker which I also enjoyed, so I got that too – also free of charge.  It has an easy user interface, simple ways of creating events and is very fun.  I told my Uncle about all these things because he works for Sony and is a graphics designer. Then he told me of a program called Unity and said I should download it on the new computer he got me. When I got home I did just that and it looked much more complicated than the others. However, I watched some tutorials on how to make 2D games and have recently started to play around with it. It is rather complicated and I’d definitely recommend checking out the other two first.
Q. What websites do you use to further your interest in computing?
I use http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/ to help me along with my Unity work and to give me some ideas of games to make, either on Game Maker or  Unity. Don’t worry if things don’t work out, as you can find plenty of tutorials on the internet to help you along the way. I also sometimes like to visit http://www.makelearnshare.org.uk/ for resources I can use to make apps and generally see what computing can do. Finally, there is a website my friend Saman told me about called http://www.codecademy.com/ that gives you information on how to code and other important information.
Q. What would you say to a younger person to get them interested too?
I would tell them about the endless possibilities that computing brings. You can make whatever games you want and make any app you can dream of. You can take it up as a career and earn quite a lot of money, as these skills are in very high demand as the world advances in technology. It is very fun and if you ever wanted to know how games work this is the chance for you to find out how. You can also make your own robots and program them. How cool is that? You could instruct robots to do what you want! Computing is the future…